Nails & Bridal

Nail Salon

Licensed cosmetologists who treat nails and focus on manicures and pedicures, helping clients to look their personal best.

Manicure regularly 39.98 50% off = $19.99!
Pedicure regularly 39.98 50% off = $19.99!
Gel/Acrylic Manicure regularly $35 our price = $29.99
Gel/Acrylic Pedicure regularly $35, our price = $29.99

Wedding Planning

Allow our makeup artists to assist in creating the perfect look for you. With the use of Salon grade makeup, each application offers skin care and beauty benefits. Bridal Party Princesses makeovers. Allow our staff to pamper the entire bridal party. We will be happy to arrange hair services and make-up.

Bridal Up-Do regularly 99.98 50% off = $49.99!
Bridal Mineral Makeup regularly 59.98 50% off = $29.99!
Bridal Airbrush Makeup regularly 79.98 50% off = $39.99!
Bridal “Trial Run” Hair Service regularly 99.98 50% off = $49.99!
Bridal “Day Of” Hair Service regularly 99.98 50% off = $49.99!
Apply False Lashes regularly 19.98 50% off = $9.99!

TranquilATea wedding packages include wedding photography, wedding catering, wedding officiant, wedding florist, makeup artist, licensed wedding hair specialist, licensed wedding nail specialist, Wedding dress, tuxedo, Bridal Accessories, entertainment, Limousine, event venue & furniture, subscription to Today’s Bride, life coach, and couples massage for Bride & groom. TranquilATea Bridal and wedding planning saves you money with our knowledge and associate base and expertise. Our cost for wedding planning is only a transparent 10% of the actual cost to our clients, without any cash kickbacks or service bartering kickbacks which are often additional hidden costs which are not shared with the bride and groom yet are passed on to them as unknown costs from other wedding planners. We give you a transparent breakdown of every single cost so you know exactly what things have cost us and you, and so you know you are not being taken advantage of. In addition, 2.5% of that transparent 10% net profit goes directly to charity to help the animals, children, environment, homeless and hungry in our society. Your wedding and new beginning starts off by helping many people around you with a good deed and good karma for your marriage.

Thank you for being beautiful inside and out, and for helping us make the world a better place to live in. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or if you would like to join the TranquilATea family.